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24 Times Something Was Technically The Truth But Totally Unexpected

It’s fairly annoying when somebody who’s being a complete smart-ass finally ends up being… truly sensible. These extraordinarily witty individuals undoubtedly know the way to make somebody roll their eyes with simply their phrases by discovering a loophole in no matter they requested and telling ‘technically the truth’. It’s annoying, nevertheless it’s hilarious. 

These individuals all weren’t mistaken, so I suppose that technically means they’re proper.

I don’t even need to give them that satisfaction. 

1. Boom, subsequent query. 

2. Much quicker than no matter enterprise concept you had. 

3. Things are heating up. 

4. I hope you’re able to struggle at this time Jokhn. 

5. I’ve reduce almost all of them. 

6. Don’t gatekeep bus using! 

7. I’ll take a free banner advert any day! 

8. They’re not mistaken. 

9. You’re a foot shorter too! 

10. Let’s not romanticize romance an excessive amount of. 

11. Imagine the attention roll this instructor did. 

12. We provide you with a brand new one each few thousand years. 

13. He’s so cute now! 

14. So you assume we’re all common, eh? 

15. This one is ice chilly. 

16. Ah, can’t actually be mad right here. 

17. That pack has far more cigarettes than Redbull too.  


18. How good, a hyperlink to them too!

19. Thanks Google. 

20. It seems that nothing does! 

21. I’ll take six!

22. He by no means listened to anybody. 

23. Moove out then! 

24. It’s about to be a solo.