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OK, Hold Up, I Did NOT See That Coming (30 Pics)

Occasionally, I really feel like I have a dirty mind. But then I have a look at the web, and I notice I’m actually normal. In reality, it’s the content material that’s making me really feel soiled.

These innocent posts that all of the sudden flip raunchy mimic precisely how I really feel something on-line. I’ll chortle, I’ll cry, I’ll notice the one issues that make me chortle and cry are filthy or darkish jokes.

The posts featured on this listing taking sharp turns.

Frankly, you need to metal your self. They’re not going the place you suppose they’re going. These posts are seemingly harmless, and you then say to your self “Hol up. Did I read that right?” Yes, you probably did.

Here are some seemingly harmless posts that truly made us say “hol up!”

h/t Reddit: r/HolUp