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People Are Sharing Their Hysterical Questions For Midwesterners (29 Tweets)

The Midwest has its personal tradition and id that, to outsiders, could seem unusual and totally different. Casseroles. Milk! Cinnabon-chili (WHAT)! They’re all there, in our loopy Midwest, and so they all beg for some solutions.

1. mmmbye!


2. Melk


3. So many fridges for the milk


4. Restaurants


5. Aldi


6. Caramel


7. Pronounced H


8. The Walmart


9. Beach Themes


10. Surprise T!


11. Just Sayin’

12. Fast engagements


14. F U Ohio

15. Reeeeeeses

16. Driving in WINTER

17. Spaghetti Side

18. Giving Directions

19. Ope

20. Casseroles

21. Uncle Dick power

22. What’s to not love?

23. A wistful folks

24. Porchin’

25. Can’t see ’em

26. Big chairs

27. As the crow flies

28. Ya burnt

29. You imply it could possibly’t?