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Some People Just Can’t Math Right (20 Pics)

Listen: I run a tutoring enterprise. I do know, you assume math is hard. Everyone thinks math is tough. Let me allow you to in on a secret: so long as you’re doing the identical steps, you’re going to get it proper. Sure, you may get rotated however in case you do the WORK accurately, you’ll get the ANSWER accurately. I swear.

“Whatever Kate, I’ll never use it.”

I promise: math issues. Math is essential! I urge of you, cease “hating” math and ensure you know the right way to do it otherwise you may find yourself like these jokers.


1. You may be taught to multiply by 0!

2. Or very primary addition!

3. Or multiples of 4…

4. Can we chat for a second about how silly memes are.

5. Fractions MATTER.

6. I promise to you: they shan’t.

7. This is the place the “fake news” narrative has led us.

8. Someone failed the SAT.

9. Learn math: spare your cashiers.

10. A neighborhood who learns math collectively, uh. Solves issues collectively. Correctly.